Acne Skin Care Tips That Work

Acne Skin Care Tips That Work: Cardea Luxe Cruelty Free Skin Care

Acne is a common yet distressing skin problem that can flare up at any time of life, causing discomfort and self-consciousness about appearance, alongside the risk of permanent skin scarring. The tips below will help you keep your skin in the best possible condition and am sure you’ll be tweeting us noticeable results in no time!

Take lukewarm showers

Very hot or cold water dries your skin out, so take showers at a lukewarm temperature. Too much water can also dry your skin out, so keep your showers as brief as possible. If you have excessively dry skin, avoid having more than one shower per day.

Use a high-quality body moisturizer

After every shower or bath, ensure you use a rich body moisturizer to lock moisture back into your skin as quickly as possible. Apply the radiance cream to your face, to ensure your skin feels even softer.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important for your skin; you'll notice your skin feels much dryer when you're dehydrated. Dry skin also has less elasticity, meaning you'll notice lines and wrinkles creeping in much earlier. Drink at least eight large glasses of water every day to ensure your skin is getting adequate hydration.

Exfoliate your skin at night

Your skin cells regenerate as you sleep; exfoliate in the evenings to give your skin as much assistance as possible. After exfoliating, apply a gentle cruelty-free lotion. You'll notice the condition of your skin visibly improve quickly as dead cells are sloughed away and your skin begins to glow.


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  • I used your last Radiance cream and I must say I really like the new one! It has kept moisture in. :)


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