Beauty Trends At Festivals


We've compiled a few trends that were spotted at the most exclusive fashion shows and worn at festivals on both sides of the ocean.

Elongating eyeliner

The kitten-like effect created by elongating eyeliner on the sides of your eyes is a cute and cool look that is picking up the heat for the summer. You can achieve this by using fluidline and a small angled brush to draw a small half-flick around the outer corners of the eyes. You can also enhance this look by using our radiance eye renewal cream to get rid of dark circles under your eyes (which can make you look tired).

Matching Eyes and Lips

A perfect look for a girl’s night out, matching eye shadow and lipstick can give you that mysterious and attractive look. This is trending in every city around the world. We know you have seen it! Share your picture with us and stay on trend. We will post it on our Instagram.

Hair Looks

Festivals are filled with bold new hair trends for all sorts of hairstyles and hair accessories. The raised ponytail look is back, the twisted topknot adorned with cornrows underneath, then pin-straight look from the 2000s as well as a multitude of feathered hair accessories.

Get ready with our Radiance hydration system while prepping for next festival to give your skin our "luxe glow" and keep it hydrated.

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