Does Cruelty-Free Skin Care Work?


Cruelty-free skin care products are those which are developed without using animal testing. They can be identified with a bunny sign on the packaging of the product.

The reasons below provide evidence that indeed cruelty-free skin care products work, and they have in fact been shown to be more effective than traditional products.

Healthier choice for the Skin

Cruelty-free products often contain more natural components than traditional skin care products (which are often composed of harmful chemicals that can potentially damage your skin over a long period of time). The cruelty-free skin care products at Cardea Luxe contain ingredients that are up to 75% natural and 62% organic. Utilizing such natural ingredients helps to bind moisture to the skin and make it look firm and feel soft.

More Efficient Testing Methods

During the development stage, cruelty-free products undergo more efficient testing methods than traditional cosmetics which rely on animal testing. Cruelty-free products are therefore designed, from an early stage, to be safer and more effective for the skin. Testing procedures can involve using a sample of human skin cells and other innovative methods which apply more directly to human skin.

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