Finding The Right Bronzer For Your Skin Type

Finding The Right Bronzer For Your Skin
Applying bronzer to your skin is a great way to achieve a nice, clean and natural sun-kissed glow. It is important to use the right type of bronzer, depending on your type of skin. Follow some of the tips below and am sure you’ll be tagging us on Instagram with your beauty photos!

Consider your Skin Type

Depending on your type of skin, you may have to choose carefully between powder, cream, gel and liquid bronzers.

Normal skin (oily and Combination)

Powder bronzers work well for normal and oily skin. The moisture already present on your skin can absorb the powder bronzer and complement it well. However, it is important to prep your skin first by utilizing moisturizer during the day to ensure cleanliness and hydration.

Dry Skin

Cream-based or liquid bronzers work best for dry skin. They are more easily absorbed and achieve that glow without making your skin look ashy and uneven. Similar to normal skin, however, prep in advance with moisturizer to ensure adequate hydration.

Very Oily Skin (Skin more susceptible to breakouts)

If your skin is more oily than normal, avoid the creamy bronzer options. They will simply add more of a shine to your skin and increase the oily look and feel. It is preferable to use the powder-based and gel bronzers which will add minimal moisture to your skin.

Consider your Shade

As a general rule of thumb, consider bronzers that are 2 shades darker than your skin tone.

Medium to Tan Complexion

If your skin is medium to tan, you’re in luck. You have plenty to choose from because you can go for both warmer and cooler shades as you please. An extra tip is to select something with a little shimmer in order to give it a nice healthy glow, or go for a golden tone, which offers a clean radiant finish.

Dark and deep Complexion

The secret to selecting the right bronzer for deeper tones is to avoid the risk of an ashy look. Shades like deep orange work well if you can avoid shimmer (especially the pink and silver type which reflect a gray overcast on the skin).

If you are looking for more skin care tips, we at Cardea Luxe Skin Care, we are here to help!

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