Natural Extracts That Improve The Health Of Your Skin

Natural Health Extracts For Your Skin


Most think that associating the word “natural” automatically equates to better. However, just as there are positive and negative synthetic ingredients, there are also positive and negative natural ingredients for your skin. To help differentiate, the following is a list of extracts that should be used in a natural skin care daily regiment.


Almond extract is an excellent option to make your skin smooth and soft through deep moisturization which delays the aging process. It also improves your complexion and helps with cell restoration. Additionally, it can lighten dark circles under the eyes. For more information on other ways to lighten dark circles under your eyes, click HERE.

Beta Carotene

Beta Carotene extract comes from orange, red and yellow fruits and vegetables which protects from sun damage, heals wounds and encourages cell regeneration.

Green Tea

Green tea extract contains high levels of antioxidant chemicals that reverse UV damage. The same ingredients make this extract a natural anti-inflammatory natural skin care ingredient.


The anti-inflammatory properties of licorice help reduce redness and rosacea making it an excellent natural skin care choice. The plant also reduces uneven pigmentation by limiting melanin.


To brighten and tone your skin, use soy extract as part of your daily natural skin care regiment. Topical soy has been proven to lighten discoloration as a result of melasma and sun damage.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C extract is best known for being a natural defense against the common cold. You may be surprised to learn that it also battles the regular signs of aging such as sagging and dullness.

The aforementioned list can help you drastically improve your skin naturally in a daily regimen. To learn more about how to create a skin care routine, check out the “Simple Skin Care Routine”.



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