Pets & Your Health: 5 Things You Didn't Know

Pets and your health

We all know that pets are cute and cuddly, but did you know that owning one is also good for your well-being? They help improve aspects of both your mental and physical well-being.

Blood pressure and heart health

Owning a pet can lower high blood pressure and reduce heart trouble. It's thought people face less stress when they have an animal companion. At the same time, stroking, or-making a fuss of a pet decreases anxiety and the production of the stress chemical cortisol.


Taking a dog for a walk helps you connect with others. Most dog owners like to chat, sharing pet stories, and often team-up to walk together-. Sometimes, they also socialize with fellow walkers when they're not out with their furry pals.


Owning a pet can't prevent Alzheimer's. However, studies show it can make living with the condition easier. Sufferers have fewer outbursts, which are typically periods of extreme stress when there's a pet around. .


You've probably heard people avoid pets due to allergies. However, having a dog can help children grow up allergy, and even eczema-free. Possibly, the dirt canines bring into the house aids a healthy immune system.

Pets are excellent companions, reducing stress and the diseases accompanying heightened anxiety. Don’t forget to visit our blog for the best skin care tips for any season!

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