Spring Clean Your Exercise Routine

Spring Exercise Routine

The spring season is here and while you must be busy sprucing up your home; it is a good idea to do the same with your exercise routine as well. Whether it is equipment and gears or a simple twist in your daily exercise routine, here are some tips and changes that will breathe fresh air in your gym life:

New Season, New Shoes

More than your shoes, you should be worried about the insoles because worn out insoles is a sure way to get injured while running or even jogging. Here is a good formula to measure the lifespan of your shoes. Note the date of purchase on the tongue of your shoe. If you are walking or jogging 10 miles per week, you need to buy a new pair every 12 months. Do the math.

Upgrade Your Free Pedometer

Here is the problem with pedometers – how do you know how accurate the data is? You can't possibly count all your steps! British Journal of Sports Medicine conducted a research on over 1000 pedometers and found that 75% of them were miscounting steps with most of them over counting them. It is time you invest $20-30 in a new pedometer cause every step you take matters to your health.

Use Heavier Dumbbells

You must challenge yourself in every field and health should not be an exception. In order to avoid hitting the plateau stage where you are no longer making any progress; start using heavier dumbbells to increase your strength and stamina this season. Do not forget to increase weights slowly otherwise you might break a ligament or suffer a muscle strain.

Drink More Water

When you are working out, a good rule of thumb is to drink around 8 ounces of water every 15 minutes you are exercising. As you sweat more, your heart will only beat faster making you feel tired and weak. You can overcome this scenario by keeping your body hydrated. A properly hydrated body is also good for your skin.

Life in the concrete jungle can be difficult and while technology has made lives that much easier, too much reliance on it can spell illness and diseases in the long run. It is important to look after body and nourish it in every way possible.


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