Summer Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Summer Beauty Mistakes To Avoid


Whether you thought that crimson lipstick looked great during the daytime or rocked spider lashes to work, you can rest assured knowing that every women makes beauty mistakes from time to time. Avoid committing these four surprisingly common summer beauty mistakes.

Full Coverage

Full coverage concealing and foundation products are not the best choices for summer. Not only do they appear heavy and settle into fine lines and wrinkles, but they are also not resistant to the high temperatures of summer. Use sheer-foundation or tinted moisturizer instead of full coverage products for a fresh look.

Relying on SPF in Makeup Alone

Many women assume that they do not need additional SPF if their makeup contains it. Unfortunately, most makeup does not contain enough SPF content and it is not long-lasting. You should always apply a layer of facial moisturizer such as, Cardea Luxe Radiance Cream with SPF 30 or higher before applying makeup.

Illuminating Foundation

Many makeup companies market illuminating foundation around summer hoping to attract women who want to achieve a glowing complexion. You should steer clear from using foundation infused with shimmer because it tends to make your face appear larger and can also make you look sweaty and shiny. Apply illuminating liquid or powder to specific areas that you want to highlight instead.

Orange-Toned Bronzer

Bronzer is a summer must-have for many women. Unfortunately, orange-toned bronzer is widely available and does not flatter any skin tone. Bronzer; like any other-facial powder, should enhance your skin tone; not clash with it. Take the time to discover the right shade of bronzer for your complexion. For example, warm taupe bronzer is excellent for olive and tan skin tones, while fair skinned women tend to look best in light tan and light taupe.

We at Cardea Luxe Skin Care stock the highest quality line of skin care products such as, Radiance Eye Renewal Cream. This product will help you begin your journey towards the healthier glowing skin during the summer!

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  • Thanks for the SPF tip! I’ll make sure to use the extra protection.


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