Our Story


As an only child who lost a brother through cancer at a young age, I was showered by love from my mum ever since I was
a baby. I remember her lovingly picking me up from my bed at 6.30 every morning and carrying me to the warm bath,
preparing me to perfection to go to school looking my best, preparing me nourishing me, staying with me to do homework
when I came back.. All lovely memories but in hindsight I could see she was always tired and never really had time to
pamper herself. As the years passed by, her love towards me only got deeper but I could see those wrinkles and dark
circles around her eyes get deeper and more pronounced… If only she had given only a tiny fraction of the love that
she has given me to herself… Her skin might look decades younger and even her spirit might have been more jovial today!

So many sleepless nights, taking care of family, babies and children, followed by the inevitable wake up call to another
frantic day of work or taking care of the home... Through sheer resilience and utter selfless love to those around them,
so many hard-working people like you go through life putting their own interests after that of the whole family... They
would rather buy a gift for their kids or surprise their partner rather than treat themselves. They are happy just to
window-shop rather than splashing out on that dream high-end skin care product that promises to reverse decades on their
skin… This inevitably leaves them satisfied and fulfilled because they have given all their love to their family but surely
lacking sufficient self-love and deserving much better treatment and appreciation the whole way!

That is where Cardea Luxe Skin Care comes in. This brand was created in order to give you back some of the love that you
have given to others and bring a true genuine smile on your face and so many deserving individuals like you… Thanks to my
scientific background, being a physical therapist by profession, combined with the 40+ years of experience of the scientists
at the manufacturing laboratory that I decided to entrust with this mission, I embraced the findings from scientific research
that so many leading skin care companies have funded to achieve and contribute to the world’s body of knowledge in skin care,
combined with lots of genuine dedication passion and love, topped up with a keen eye for detail and design to extend my love
and appreciation to all hard working individuals out there looking for high quality skin care at truly affordable prices.

Cardea Luxe wants to give you the love you have given to others by bringing the best of both worlds for you… to help alleviate
those dark circles from long hard hours of work, or from endless personal sacrifices just to bring a smile on your kids’ faces…
For the love that you give, you deserve the ultimate in quality in the products you use on your skin without compromising on that
disposable income that you need to treat your kids and family.

For all the love that I received and the talent that I possess, I want to make as many people as happy as possible. Offering truly
honest skin care products at amazing prices… in stunning packaging that makes you feel good about yourself when you see it on the
bathroom shelf and reach out to use it and applying it to your skin…

Once you taste love, it is truly infectious and addictive… You would love how Cardea Luxe products feel on your skin and the results
that you will see after using them. Seeing you satisfied and happy with Cardea Luxe products fills my heart with more love to share
with many more dear clients like you through an ever-increasing range of products that you need for your skin… And let’s spread our
love a little bit more… A generous portion of all proceeds from this business will be donated to people less fortunate than us through
specific charities, just to see even more people smile and be filled with love. Cardea Luxe wants to make a true difference in this
world by making it a better place to live in!


Cardea Luxe ® Skin Care specializes in cosmetics for the face and body.

Making A Difference

We are honored to be a #1 Amazon Best Seller with soaring positive reviews. We make a positive difference in each and everyone of our your lives by helping you feel and look better as you age. Our highly acclaimed cruelty-free skin care line truly fights the sign of aging to leave you looking years younger, which is a difference you can feel!

Being the Best

We believe in being the best in skin care by utilizing up to date with research to bring you the most innovative products. We are Leaping Bunny Certified and proud to offer cruelty-free skincare product that deliver proven visible results.


We put great care into the smallest details to ensure that clients immediately receive response to any inquiries and assistance relating to our products and the care of their skin.


Day by day we operate at a high level of efficiency that delivers optimal effectiveness in all the work that we do with our team and clients.


Our team operates harmoniously as we provide above average service to all clients and third-party service providers to ensure company growth is achieved by all involved.

The mission is to preserve
a youthful and healthy skin

Cruelty Free

Made in USA

Our formulations are cruelty-free and not tested on animals and made in the USA in an FDA registered facility to exacting standards.


Cardea Luxe ® skin care products are specially developed to fade and delay the signs of aging skin, stimulate skin cell life, and unify skin texture eliminating saggy skin. The mission of our company is to preserve youthful and healthy skin on the face and body for both men and women. Our products focus on the revitalization of the skin. Our line is designed to fight and delay signs of aging with a unique 3 step approach to health and beauty.

Cruelty-Free Beauty

We are 100% cruelty-free and
use a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients to revitalize the skin. Cruelty-Free Beauty. We are 100% cruelty-free and use a unique combination of natural and organic ingredients to revitalize the skin.

Production & Manufacture

Our products are produced in laboratories which:

Use No Animal Testing
Are FDA Registered
Are GMP compliant
Have In-House Quality Control Systems
Have In-House Shelf Life Testing
Pursue Continued Industry Education
Use Vegan Formulas
Use Sustainable Raw Materials
Use Sustainable Practices
Use Biodegradable Products


Our products are easy to use by both men and women. They are indicated for all skin types, are not oily and have an immediate effect on the skin.

our founder


Joseph Meli launched the Cardea Luxe skin care line to help improve people’s overall skin tone, texture and appearance. At Cardea Luxe we know how important it is to use quality skin care products. Our mission is to preserve youthful, healthy skin on the face and body. We care about your results! That’s why we encourage you to tell us about your experience with our products. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service which we use Twitter as our main vehicle to encourage and engage with you, our customer. Joseph desires to leave the world a better place than when he found it, which we deliver to you through high quality cosmetic ingredients that are always cruelty-free.