Radiance Eye Cream - SOLD OUT!

Cardea Luxe Radiance Eye Cream - SOLD OUT!

Get the Luxe Glow with our Radiance Eye Renewal 2-n-1 Therapy. Our ageless eye cream helps renew dark circles, eliminate wrinkles and decrease puffiness under eyes while combating dry skin. Our proprietary blend of cruelty-free ingredients acts as a moisturizer to all treated areas on the face and neck. Our Radiance Eye Renewal Therapy cream offers up a simple, effective and affordable way to turn back the years and obtain youthful looking skin. It can also be used as a restorative to help fight early signs of aging. Our ingredients are safe and effective on both male & female skin types. Rated 5 Stars and we offer a Money-Back Guarantee!

How to use our product

Step No 1

Wash your face thoroughly to make sure it is clean before you begin the application. Dirt, oil, or excess makeup can prohibit successful results.

Step No 2

Open the eye cream container, and take out a small amount. You should aim for the size of a pencil eraser.

Step No 3

Apply the cream onto a cotton swab, eye-makeup applicator or finger.

Step No 4

Start by applying directly underneath the eye and above your cheekbone. Gently dot the cream around your eye area. Continue with a dotting motion, and apply the eye cream along the length of the top eyelid. Make sure not to touch on the eyelid itself.

Step No 5

Tap the areas dotted by cream with a light gentle motion to help the eye cream absorb into the skin.



Cardea Luxe ® products are available to clients in the USA and Canada. If you wish to ship to a different country please contact us.

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